Metallica Are Still Amazed By The ‘Stranger Things’ Revival Of ‘Master Of Puppets’

Metallica has a new album called "72 Seasons" coming out soon, and it features singles like "If Darkness Had A Son" and "Screaming Suicide."

The band also experienced a resurgence of their 1986 song "Master Of Puppets" due to its use in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the band discussed how it felt to have younger generations discovering their music through Stranger Things.

The band was surprised and thrilled that younger generations were embracing their music, even though "Master Of Puppets" is a 9-minute heavy metal song from 1986.

Drummer Lars Ulrich noted that the song predates most of the show's viewers by 25-30 years, making its resurgence even more surprising.

Bassist Robert Trujillo's son played the guitar part on the song, and Kirk Hammett taught him the part.

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Overall, the band seemed excited to see their music continuing to reach new audiences and appreciated the opportunity to connect with younger generations.