Tesla Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Deceptive Supercharging Promises

In a recent legal development, Tesla Inc. finds itself entangled in a class action lawsuit brought forward by Sean Cohen, shedding light on alleged misleading advertising regarding unlimited free supercharging. Here’s an overview of the case:

Who: Sean Cohen, the plaintiff, has initiated a class action lawsuit against Tesla Inc.

Why: Cohen’s lawsuit centers on the claim that Tesla falsely advertised three years of unlimited free supercharging to consumers who purchased a Model S or Model X vehicle between April and June 2023. Cohen argues that Tesla’s advertisements misled buyers into paying higher prices for these vehicles, asserting that Tesla never truly intended to provide the promised free supercharging.

Where: The lawsuit has been transferred to a California federal court, amplifying the legal scrutiny on Tesla’s practices.

Cohen contends that Tesla orchestrated an online marketing scheme by falsely promoting unlimited free supercharging for Model S and Model X buyers during the specified timeframe. He asserts that had he known the truth, he would not have made the purchase or would have paid significantly less for his vehicle.

Furthermore, Cohen aims to represent a California class of consumers who have bought a Tesla Model S or Model X for personal use since May 17, 2019. His argument revolves around the notion that Tesla emphasized the “3 Years of Free Supercharging” offer because they recognized its crucial role in influencing car buyers’ decisions.

The allegations against Tesla include fraud, unjust enrichment, negligent misrepresentation, and violations of California’s Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Law, and Consumers Legal Remedies Act.

Cohen is pushing for a jury trial and seeking declaratory and injunctive relief, in addition to compensatory, statutory, and punitive damages for himself and fellow class members.

Notably, this legal battle comes on the heels of another class action lawsuit against Tesla, filed by a group of consumers who claim that the automaker exaggerated the range of its electric vehicles in its advertisements.

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